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Monday, March 12, 2018

Theni Kurangani Forest Fire : Chennai Trekking Club Details தேனி குரங்கனி காட்டுத்தீ . சென்னை டிரெக்கர்ஸ் கிளப் விபரம்

தேனி குரங்கனி காட்டுத்தீ .
சென்னை டிரெக்கர்ஸ் கிளப் விபரம்
Chennai Trekking Club Details 

Thanks Reporter V.Kaalamegam

March 10 @ 5:00 am - March 11 @ 9:00 pm
Trek Agenda 2 days trek in Tamil Nadu-Kerala Border - Kolukkumalai Number of Participants: max. 20, including organizers Level: Moderate Ex Chennai we Leave by March 9th evening to Bodi and back on March 12th Morning (detailed itinerary will be shared only with participants) Expense: Approx Rs.1,500 + Transportation (bus to and fro Chennai-Theni) Organisers: Dhivya - Nisha - Must Carry Items 1) Good walking shoes & a pair of chappals/flipflops to move around in the camping site.…

Chennai Trekking Club is a 40 thousand member non-profit volunteer based group which organizes hundreds of outdoor, sports, environment and social activities each year during weekday mornings and weekends. All activities are free – expenses are shared equally among participants. Subscribe (Free) to our mailing list to receive regular updates and participate in upcoming activities. Read 1000+ experiences of people who joined us in the various sections on this web site. Get to know us better through testimonials of our volunteers and organizers. Read 300+ media publications about our group. Check out regular updates on activities and CTC in our Facebook Group. Video on 10 years of CTC.


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