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Sunday, June 1, 2014

DVB-T2 MI working Details - DVB-T2 MI stream working Details

 DVB-T2 MI working Details - 
 DVB-T2 MI stream working Details

T2-MI is not type of modulation [smile] This transponder is regular DVB-S2,8PSK,CCM transponder.
T2-MI is specialized data format for delivering DVB-T2 multiplexes with timestamps to transmitters over existing channel like IP (UDP/RTP) or DVB over Sat.
So 554 and 602 MHz is only info from NIT inside transport streams incapsulated in T2-MI stream

You can use 4T2 Content Analyzer for exploring T2-MI stream, analyze selected PLP and view channels (current version is stable and support fullscreen). Just stream UDP from CrazyScan, EBS Pro and etc and receive with 4T2 Content analyzer with UDP/RTP source module (available after free registration).

DVB-T2 MI working More Details - 
 DVB-T2 MI stream working More Details


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