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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mobilestar 3D TV India's First 3D TV Channel in Malayalam

Mobilestar 3D TV  India's First 3D TV Channel in Malayalam


T.C- 14/587, FIRST FLOOR , 
RIVENDRUM- 695 033, 
TEL: 0471 2333728 ,2333749 

Mobilestar 3D TV


Mobilestar 3D TV

Stereoscopic media, when displayed and viewed correctly, provides the visual illusion of physical depth to a three-dimensional object or scene while using a flat screen or projection surface. To display stereoscopic media, two slightly different images are displayed; one image is displayed exclusively to the left eye, and the other image is displayed exclusively to the right eye. If done correctly, the differences between these two images are interpreted by the brain and the viewer perceives the displayed media in three-dimensions in front of and behind a flat surface, when the surface itself is only two dimensions.

With a change in the profile of the television audience over the last few years there has been a shift in the way the younger audience who wants to interact with content. There is always something new to be told, and television is the quickest way to be informed.

Scheduled in close harmony with all other channels, Mobilestar has a unique way of maximising the presence of audience watching programmes. Hopefully, the audience will be more engaged with our unique interactive approach to entertainment.

MObilestar 3D TV will present a completely new look, sound, and feel to the Indian television landscape, thus bringing the viewers an entirely new and ultimate viewing and entertaining experience We offer a full-time HD channel and our cutting-edge technology takes your entertainment experience to a whole new level. As we bring you more of what you want, Mobilestar 3D TV proves the undisputed leader with no competitors around. We are pretty sure that this channel is going to be one that is “courageous” and “different.” in the years to come.


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