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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Comedy Central or Sony beTV - dialog tv Facebook

Comedy Central or Sony beTV - dialog tv Facebook

Recently Dialog TV added "Comedy Central" as a bonus channel on their HD pack permanently replacing "BBC Entertainment" which pulled out of this region. This decision was taken after juggling between "Comedy Central" and "Sony beTV". Are you happy with "Comedy Central" or would you have preferred "Sony beTV" or should Dialog have added a better channel... pls take part in our poll and get your views across!

Comedy Central made permanent fixture with sync issue
According to reports being received Comedy Central has been taking out of testing mode and has been made the permanent replacement to BBC Entertainment. Sadly however the sound is out of sync with the video and hasn't been sorted out. This has been a problem from the time Dialog TV was testing the channel and hasn't been resolved as yet.

The Dialog TV website however hasn't been updated and still carries "BBC Entertainment" as a bonus channel in the HD pack. This leaves us wondering whether Dialog TV is still toying with the idea of making Comedy Central as a permanent replacement to BBC Entertainment or whether they just plain forgot to update the website just like they overlooked the video to sound syn issue.

We also take this opportunity to thank Dialog for resolving the technical problem that prevented Dialog subscribers from accessing this blog or any other "" blog for the past several days. We apologose to all our fellow bloggers who were unable to access this blog and regret any inconvenience caused.

We kindly request all our bloggers who are on Facebook and Twitter to kindly include us in their social media circles to keep abreast on the latest happening in the industry.


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