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Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Srilanka FM frequency allocations

New FM frequency allocations
The new FM frequency allocations which will take effect on November 1st 2012 are as follows

Tamil Language Stations
Alai FM 91.4 MHz
Shakthi FM 103.9 MHz, 104.1 MHz
Tamil National Service 102.1 MHz, 102.3 MHz
Thendral 104.7 MHz, 104.9 MHz
Sooriyan FM 103.4 MHz, 103.6 MHz
Vasantham FM 102.6 MHz, 102.8 MHz
Vettri FM 90.4 MHz, 90.6 MHz
Velichcham FM 92.7 MHz

English Language Stations
E FM 88.3 MHz
Gold FM 93.0 MHz, 93.2 MHz
Kiss FM 96.9 MHz
Lite FM 87.6 MHz, 87.8 MHz
Real Radio 97.1 MHz
Sun FM 98.7 MHz, 98.9 MHz
TNL Rocks 99.2 MHz
Yes FM 100.8 MHz, 101.0 MHz
Radio Sri Lanka 97.4 MHz, 97.6 MHz
Red FM 99.5MHz, FM 99.7MHz

Sinhala Language Stations
FM Derana 92.2 MHz, 92.4 MHz
Hiru FM 96.1 MHz, 96.3 MHz
Lak FM 106.0 MHz,106.2 MHz
Lakhanda 93.5 MHz, 93.7 MHz
Neth FM 94.8 MHz, 95.0 MHz
Ran FM 100.5MHz
Rhythm FM 95.6 MHz, 95.8 MHz
Shree FM 100.0 MHz, 100.2 MHz
City FM 89.6 MHz, 89.8 MHz,
Swadeshiya Sevaya 90.3 MHz, 90.3 MHz, 97.0 MHz, 98.3 MHz, 99.6 MHz, 102.0 MHz, 107.6 MHz
Velanda Sevaya 93.3FM, 106.9FM, 92.7FM
Kothmale FM 98.4 MHz,
Singha FM 88.6 MHz, 88.8 MHz
Sirasa FM 106.5 MHz, 106.7 MHz
Siyatha FM 98.2MHz, 98.4MHz
V FM 107.0 MHz
Y FM 92.7 MHz
Rangiri Sri Lanka FM 104.4MHz 105.7MHz
Isira TNL FM 89.1MHz FM 89.3MHz
Bauddaya Guwan Viduliya(The Buddhist) FM 101.3MHz FM 101.5MHz
Kirula FM FM 96.6 MHz
Rajarata Sewaya FM 107.3MHz
VIP Radio FM 94MHz
Kandurata Sewaya FM 107.3MHz
Shaa FM FM 90.9MHz, FM 91.1MHz.
Seth FM FM 101.8MHz
Kandurata FM FM 107.3MHz, FM 107.5MHz
Lakviru FM 105.2MHz, FM 105.4MHz

In addition to frequency changes, some of the radio stations are changing their hotlines. We hope we covered all the radio stations Please do keep us updated on any mistakes or stations that we may have missed in the list.


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