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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Puthiya Thalaimurai planning to launch an entertainment channel named Pudhuyugam

Puthiya Thalaimurai planning to launch an entertainment channel named Pudhuyugam

PuthuYugam tv - from SRM Group

Vendhar Movies the Film distribution arm of 
Pudhiya Thalaimurai TV Channel 
Vendhar Movies, an off-shoot of the television channel Pudhiya Thalaimurai, has gotten into the business of acquiring new films’ release and distribution rights besides their satellite broadcasting rights. The company appears to be becoming a ‘boon’ for small and medium-budget film producers who have completed their films but aren’t finding any ‘takers’ to acquire those films’ distribution and release rights.

Kuppy and Kaadhalar Kudiyiruppu fame AMR Ramesh, who has just finished his next film Vanayudhdham, was looking for a proper distributor. The film, as already reported, is based on the life of the slain sandalwood poacher Veerappan who had been terrorizing the police forces of the States of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for close to two decades before getting eliminated by Tamil Nadu’s Vijayakumar.

The film has now been acquired by Vendhar Movies which would be releasing the film all over the State. It may be noted that though films acquired by Vendhar Movies in the past have fared badly at the box-office, it continues to acquire release rights of new films. The logic behind it beats critics. The trend points out to a larger plan in store for ‘future’ use of these films, it is reported.

Puthiya Thalaimurai, predominantly a news channel, is said to be planning to launch an entertainment channel named Pudhuyugam which would broadcast films and tele-serials. The movies now acquired by Vendhar Movies, whether they turn out to be successful or not at the box-office, would be used at a latter date when they would be telecast on the to-be launched channel.

As such, the channel’s idea of ‘two mangoes in one stone’ is likely to benefit them in the long run!


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