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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Dialog TV Prepaid Service to launched 1st October".

 "Dialog TV Prepaid Service to launched 1st October".

Revision TV & prepaid Dialog TV
As we reported a couple of days back, Dialog TV launched "Revision TV" replacing "Citi Hitz" on monday October 1st. The channel is said to be available on a temporary basis and we believe that it will be taken off during the month of December. Thereafter either Citi Hitz will return of it will be replaced by another channel.

In addition the launch of prepaid Dialog TV is expected to take place during the course of next week, we are however unable to give an exact date.

Details of pricing, etc are not known only the fact that the equipment will belong to the subscriber, plus the equipment will be given one year warranty and any technical personnel visits will be charged. Whether or not existing post paid subscribers can convert to prepaid and whether prepaid ones will be able to convert to post paid is uncertain as yet and not likely during the initial stages, they may allow this later on based on demand.

There is no news of a probable launch of Sirasa on Dialog TV however according to a comment by a fellow blogger it has been told that a friend who bought a DTV connection was told that it will be available from next month. However it should be stated that DTV sales people will say anything to sell their connections so, only time will tell whether the sales guy was telling the truth or not. However we reiterate that the channel shouldn't be launched at the expense of any existing English channel and either they should wait for an increase in capacity or should replace it with an existing local channel or make use of that wasted channel slot called "Dialog Test".

Dialog TV Prepaid Service to launch 1st October
According to reports, Dialog TV will be launching their prepaid service from 1st Oct 2012. At present the launch date is tentative but it's likely to be on or around that date. We are unable to confirm how the service will be priced but it seems that the unit will cost around Rs 10,000 exclusive of installation.

It's likely that Dialog may charge seperately for installation. The reload rates are not available as yet but should be available as the launch date draws near.

This service is definitely capable of making the connections affordable & within the reach of many middle class Sri Lankans. Whether the prepaid pay television service would be as successful as prepaid mobile/broadband services is yet to be seen but there is no reason why it shouldn't be. We urge Dialog to take extra care when pricing this product, because the success or failure of this service will depend solely on the pricing.


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