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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Citi Hitz goes off air, AXN HD replaced

Citi Hitz goes off air, AXN HD replaced

Sri Lanka's first local Sinhala language pay television channel Citi Hitz has gone off air. This was bound to happen one day or the other since the channel was barely existing & repeats content most of the time. The channel has been according to Dialog replaced "temporarily" by a new educational channel called "Revision TV". Since this is temporary either Citi Hitz could return or in turn "Revision TV" would be replaced by the channel that would take the place of Citi Hitz permanently.

In other news AXN HD has been replaced by Ten HD and it seems that this too is temporary & AXN HD will return soon possibly by October 4th. We believe the replacement is to telecast the present the Ryder Cup Golf tournament thats taking place. Maybe someone at Dialog is an ardent Golfing fan. It's sad that they charge a whopping extra Rs 1000/= on a monthly basis and replace channels almost every month, this is probably the most unstable HD pack in the world.

Going back to our first report, it just maybe that the "new local channel" that was to replace Australia Network will replace "Revision TV" at a later day. One has to wonder when that eternally testing "Dialog Test" channel will get replaced by a channel since it's a waste of transponder space.

We are unable to confirm the launch date of Dialog TV pre-paid but it looks like the tentative date of October 1st still holds.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Dialog TV to launch prepaid service as the brand new service?
Just about a week ago we made a post about a new service that is to be launched by Dialog TV and there were speculations whether it could be a DVB-T service or a Satellite Internet Service.

Information coming in suggests that it is a "pre-paid" Dialog TV service. Service's such as this are available on DTH operators in India, etc but this will be a first for Sri Lanka & could potentially put pay television within the reach of ordinary middle class Sri Lankans. The indication of this potential service is when one dials the Dialog TV USSD Portal via Dialog mobiles on #679# an option called "Pre-paid Initial Activation" is now available which wasn't available before.

If this information is correct then it could mean that Dialog could vastly increase their subscriber base and whether a Pre-paid pay television service can be as successful as Pre-paid mobile phone service only time will tell.


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