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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mangalore Resort Attack - koppiyam

Mangalore Resort Attack - koppiyam

Disclaimer – This Video Is From Raj Tv Youtube Channel

Mangalore, known for its beautiful unending coastal belt with unique food habits and culture is in news; obviously this time it is in for wrong reasons. A group of Hindu fundamentals forcefully attacked on a home stay in Mangalore, where they assaulted the boys who were partying and slapped girls and thrashed them out. Is this molestation being disguised as moral policing to prevent stringent action on fundamentalists who are turning enemies of our constitution and questioning the existence of secularism in our country

Reason behind christening them as perverts is primarily being their inability to digest seeing somebody happily going out to enjoy life on their own terms and imposing mindless doctrines to control their lives! An obnoxious philosophy that others should be deprived from having what I don't have echoes sick mentality.

It is very obvious that none of these attackers have contributed in anyway whatsoever to the preservation of our culture or in a being a better citizen rather their molestation and physical violence directed towards women shows them to be otherwise!
he so called journalists who shot the video are also parties to crime. Imported concept of tabloid journalism from European countries is drifting the very idea of a cause of existence. Journalists in a hurry to air the breaking news lost their good sense!

As a responsible citizen, it is the duty of the journalists to pass on the information to law enforcing authority about the possible hooliganism of this thugs rather than waiting for these beasts to enter the premises to commit the unforgivable act. Going back to Guwahati molestation case which shook the nation, a fortnight back, it was alleged that Journalists who shot the video failed to fulfill his social responsibility by not informing to authority.

At least now the government which has vowed to protect the constitution of this great country at any cost should book all the perpetrators of this act. Because of act of these spoils, I am made to bow my head low with sadness and shame!


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