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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mangalore Birthday Party Maja Video

Mangalore Birthday Party Maja Video

The hooliganism that played out in Mangalore on Saturday night has shocked the nation. Eyebrows were raised at how a group of self-claimed moral police, belonging to right-wing organisation Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV), raided a private party and allegedly molested girls.
Around 50 HJV activists had barged into a home stay and beaten up and molested a young crowd celebrating a birthday party. The HJV state convener, Jagdish Karanth, had taken responsibility for the incident, claiming it was to curb sex tourism.
As a protest to the incident, Mangalore witnessed a spontaneous response to a shutdown call given by some independent student associations and the National Students Union of India (NSUI) as colleges shut down in the city on Monday. Protests spilled onto the streets.
The HJV activists had allegedly assaulted boys and girls and even blackened faces of some of them. Four of the suspected hooligans were held on Monday taking the number of total arrests to 12. However, 13 other accused were still free.
The Mangalore district administration on Monday clamped prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the CrPC for the next three days.
Meanwhile, Karnataka ADGP (law and order) Bipin Gopalakrishna said that no drugs were found at the resort that was raided by the HJV.
Centre blames Karnataka govt
The incident sparked an outrage and the opposition to slammed the troubled BJP government in Karnataka. The Centre also came down heavily on the state government.
Minister for Information and Broadcasting Ambika Soni slammed Karnataka's saffron goons. She exhorted the state government to arrest all the accused immediately.
"They are sick people. They should be arrested. No one has the right to define Indian culture... No one is the custodian of Indian culture," Soni said questioning delay in action against the culprits on part of the Karnataka government.
People slam moral police
The CEO of Harish Bijoor Consultants, Harish Bijoor, said, "People have taken the law in their own hands in Mangalore. If you believe something wrong is happening, you should approach the police. People not in khaki to take action is totally wrong."
Fashion guru Prasad Bidappa said, "It signifies a complete breakdown of law and order. These men acted with impunity, knowing they would not get into any trouble. It is time for the chief minister to crack down on such men."
A Mangalore student said, "Girls should not be beaten up like that. We don't like what is happening in Mangalore. None of the girls deserved what they got. Mangalore is being run by goons."

Mangalore Birthday Party Maja Video Mangalore Birthday Party Maja Video Mangalore Birthday Party Maja Video Mangalore Birthday Party Maja Video Mangalore Birthday Party Maja Video Mangalore Birthday Party Maja Video


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