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Monday, August 13, 2012

Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai Special Show - Watch Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai Movie - review - Raj tv

Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai Special Show - 
Watch Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai Movie - review - Raj tv

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Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai Special Show

Director P V Prasath made a talked about debut with 'Kadhalil Vizhunthen'. A desperate lover who lives with his beloved's corpse was narrated in his maiden venture.
The filmmaker's next 'Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai' is no different. Here again he speaks about a love-lorn youth, who decides to go to any extent to keep his romance going.
Interestingly in both the films, the lead characters share the same economic background and lead their lives almost in a same manner. They are innocent but adamant when it comes to their love. A close friend can become a bitter foe. What happens when he crosses sword in his friend's romance is what the movie tries to convey.

Prasath has opted to go with a bunch of newcomers in the film. Vishwa, former Miss India Tanvi Vyas and Irfan play the important roles while a cameo by Ravi Kalae adds to excitement.
A campus love story that has enough twists and turns begins with 'Oorakali...', a number quite typical to 'Nakka Mukka...' in Prasath's 'KV'.
Seenu (Vishwa) is a carefree youth. He comes across Mithra (Tanvi Vyas), a rich girl and loses her heart to her at the first sight.
To win over her heart, Seenu joins a fashion technology college where she studies. They became friends and he becomes a member of her gang that includes Shyam (Irfan).
The three Seenu, Shyam and Mithra spend all their time together. Shyam and Mithra stay in the same house.
One stupid act of Seenu at Mithra's house incurs Shyam's wrath. He is forced to confess to Shyam, his love for Mithra. As a result, both end up fighting with each other.
In a fit of rage, Seenu bumps off Shyam. He manages to bury the body in Mithra's house without her knowledge and enacts a drama that Shyam had ran away from the house following a quarrel with his girl friend, who committed suicide recently.
Seenu consoles Mithra and slowly become an integral part of her life. At one point, she confesses her love for Seenu. When all things go well, enters a tough cop (Ravi Kale).
He suspects Seenu and follows him closely. Meanwhile Seenu decides to go to any extent to ensure no one cross in his love life.
Vishwa plays the lead role well. He does justice to his character with a soulful performance. He portrays anger, agony, frustration etc all well.
Tanvi Vyas plays what Sunaina did in 'Kadhalil Vizhunthen'. She is bubbly and cute and appears as a college student. Irfan as Shyam excels. But stealing the show is Ravi Kale. He as a police officer adds pep to the proceedings.
The movie has music by AJ Daniel, a former assistant of Harris Jayaraj. Three cheers to the peppy number 'Oorakali Oorakali...' Also there are a couple of soft melodious numbers.
The movie has cinematography by SD Vijay Milton. A man who turned director with 'Azhagay Irukirai Bayamai irukirathu' has managed to capture events in bright colors. Interestingly he has penned the dialogues too.
The highlight of the movie is art by Paulraj. Since the film is set in a fashion technology institute, he has had a hard work to do and delivers it well. Stunts by Supreme Sundar is okay while Vijayan's editing makes the movie more racy.
Produced by filmmaker Kiccha, 'Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai' is no 'KV', but certainly a movie with enough twists and turns that manages a watch.

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