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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DDB - Digital Direct Broadcast

Digital Direct Broadcast (DDB)Technology

A digital technology platform that will optimize your TV viewing experience like never before. The new technology helps you receive digital signals without any set-top box, giving an audio-visual experience that has never been seen or heard before

this is just a Tv Platform, this will work only on DDB enabled TVs. so you must have to replace your existing TV.
another imp thing, a Tv set itself is quite significant so unless & Untill mainstream brands such as SONY, SAMSUNG, LG, TOSHIBA etc start making DDB enabled TV this concept is doubtful. you cant compare a VIDEOCON LED TV with a SAMSUNG or SONY HD LED TV.

DDB seems to be response of Videocon and Philips to Smart TV versions of Samsung , Sony etc but still far away. Wondering how with 450MHz processor such tall claims are made. 2D to 3D format conversion is the USP. However no information available how this conversion is made and how effective it is.


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