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Thursday, July 12, 2012

No satellite dish In Abu Dhabi

No satellite dish In Abu Dhabi
The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has called for the removal of satellite dishes from windows and balconies.

Abu Dhabi: Residents and building owners in the capital have been urged to remove satellite dishes from windows and balconies.
In a statement sent on Sunday by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi, the municipality also called for satellite dishes on the rooftop to be positioned neatly and away from the edges.
“Not only do haphazardly placed satellite dishes disfigure the general appearance of the buildings when installed at windows and balconies, but they can also fall down and seriously injure pedestrians passing below the building,” Khalifa Mohammad Al Rumaithi, director of public health at the municipality, told Gulf News.

Disorderly installation on rooftops also allows for the accumulation of dirt and breeding of insects between the cables, the municipal statement said. In addition, rescue operations in case of a fire or other emergency can also be hindered when these devices are placed at the window


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