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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dialog Tv MPEG4 conversion to be resurrected

Dialog Tv MPEG4 conversion to be resurrected 
everal years after abandoning the MPEG4 conversion program, Dialog seems to be resurrecting it after launching HD and incorporating MPEG4 based broadcasting into their system. According to reports being received, one or more transponders will be converted to MPEG4 initially. New subscribers will be issued MPEG4 compatible decoders plus existing ones will be converted. A few years back Dialog TV did convert some of their existing subscribers to MPEG4. If they are converting to DVB-S2 MPEG4 then we believe that all the decoders will have to be replaced once again or if its going to be DVB-S MPEG4 then it's only the ones who were not issued with MPEG4 decoders who should be issued with new decoders.

We are unable to confirm which broadcasting standard Dialog TV will adopt, this move will benefit Dialog V on the long run since they will be able to free up space for new channels and would be able to add more channels without leasing new transponders.

If Dialog TV are able to carry through with this project & complete it, then Dialog TV would be able to provide their subscribers with a much better service. Unlike in previous years where a lot of negativity has engulfed Dialog TV as each year progressed and drew to a close, now with just over half the year gone Dialog TV can end the year 2012 on a positive & successful note if they are able to stick through and complete everything satisfactorily.

Looks like the rumored developments at a particular competitor has awoken the sleeping giant, who hopefully for everyone's sake does not go back to sleep again.

Please keep us updated on these latest developments on Dialog TV as the days progress.


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