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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Channel "Time sharing" spreads to HD channels

Channel "Time sharing" spreads to HD channels
In a not so surprising move, Dialog have followed up the positive HD channel launch with a negative move. The time sharing of channels has spread to other channels and this time the highly priced HD channels are being targeted. Ten HD will be time shared with ESPN HD from today or tomorrow. According to official information on the Dialog Facebook page, it was indicated that the time sharing will be for the F1 races but other information suggests that it would cover the time period of the Olympic games too.

Regardless of how and when it will take place it's now almost certain that Dialog has no more capacity to add another HD channel to their brand spanking new transponder otherwise why would they want to time share Ten HD with ESPN HD. Which means that Dialog will have to purchase additional transponders to add new channels or accelerate the MPEG2 to MPEG4 conversion programme to free up space in other transponders.

Dialog haven't learnt from the past that time sharing is not an option for them and continue to do so despite protests raised by subscribers. If time sharing of HD channels occurs then many subscribers will discontinue the HD pack that they activated only a month or so ago. Dialog in a hurried effort to launch HD before others are now in the process of messing it up.

We urge Dialog TV to immediately scrap the planned time sharing move and add ESPN HD as a separate channel to the HD pack or refrain from adding it totally until transponder space is available.


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