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Friday, July 13, 2012

Billa 2 ~ Official Review

Billa 2 ~ Official Review 

Film: Billa 2
Starring: Ajith,Parvathy Omanakuttan,Bruna Abdullah,Vidyut Jamwal
Director: Chakri Toleti
Producer: Suresh Balaje, George Pius,Sunir Khetrapal
Banner: IN Entertainment
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja


Billa 2 starts off with the entrance of David Billa [Ajith], a Srilankan Refugee with totally injured body and facing troubles in the refugee camp. Meanwhile enters Parvathy Omanakuttan feels pity for the situation of David Billa and finally falls for him. Acquainted with the rough life of Refugee camp, David slowly begins the transformation into a dreaded gangster from a common lad from Srilanka. Thereby enters our villain Sudhanshu Pandey and Bruna Abdullah along with him. David takes high risks in with every new project assigned to him and finally David Billa snaps the control over entire network after Sudhanshu’s death. Watch out Billa 2 to know How David Billa turns to a gangster from a refugee? How did he acquire the control over all the networks? Forms the crux of Billa 2.


Ajith steals the show with his outstanding performances as a refugee and gangster Billa as well, especially the punch dialogues uttered by Ajith getting accolades. Everyone might have used a body double for the stunts, but Ajith did it all by himself, especially the flight action sequences.

Yuvan Shankar Raja appears in the end as a gangster and has performed his parts well.

Glam dolls Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah were looking glamorous on screens and nothing much. Parvathy doesn’t live up to the hype while Bruna Abdullah looks ravishing and the scenes where she flaunts her bikini body are sure to please the male populaces.

Vidyut Jamwal is the side villain and performed well showing off his muscles in the fighting sequences but dubbing for his voice was not matched up to the mark. Sudhanshu Pandey has given his best as the main villain but has very less to perform compared to Vidyut.

Technical Analysis:

Chakri Toleti has explained the plot well, but the screenplay was a bit slow in the first half, while the second half is quite convincing with the heavy stunts by Ajith.

In Entertainments and Wide Angle Creations have lavishly produced Billa 2 without any compromises and the movie has come out well.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has already proved his mettle with the refreshing music album of Billa 2 and has given apt background scores for the movie along with his cameo performance as the gangster.

Cinematography by RD Rajasekhar was at its best, while editing by Suresh Urs could have been better.

Dialogues penned by Era Murugan and Mohamed Zafar are one of the highlights of Billa 2. They are filled with a meaningful punch, for example “Na Agadhi da, Anaadha illa”, “Mathavanoda Bayam dan nambaloda Balam” are sure to please Ajith fans.


Billa 2, the first prequel in Indian film Industry is completely a gangster flick with the plot of a common man turning to a gangster David Billa. Billa 2 is touted to be a mile stone in the industry career of director Chakri Toleti and is expected to create an impact of Mankatha’s blow to Venkat Prabhu.

Ajith’s punch dialogues and scary stunts are the highlights of Billa 2 along with his outstanding performance. Characters and the plot are finely established in the first half, while the tempo is lost in the second half with more number of villains coming in.

The movie, Billa 2 has many stylish guns used by Thala extraordinarily, but has many unwanted scenes to in bring the audiences and the climax helicopter fight scene directed by different stunt masters has not reached to the hype created before.

Final Verdict:

Billa 2 is a Gangster flick with Ajith’s stylish performance…

Billa 2 ~ Movie Review ~

- Sreedhar Pillai (Journalist)
Returning from a preview of Billa 2. The movie has shaped up well and Ajith has come out with a great performance.

I congratulated him and requested him not to take such risks like hanging from an helicopter on flight for the climax sequence. Thala smiled and enquired whether the movie’s pace is same throughout and whether the visual / aural experience is impressive. Superb is the word – I told him.
people raving abt Thala’s one man show.

- Era Murugan (Dialogue Writer of Billa2)
Yup ! Its too Good ! People wouldnt have seen Ajith like this Before !

Billa 2 More Similar to a Hollywood Movie Story & Scenes [Scarface] - Ajith Fan

Billa 2 ~ Movie Review ~

The film starts with a voice from behind re-visiting an ordinary coastal men's life. Hero as an ordinary coastal man starting to live his life pretty simple with his region people..He gets introduced to a drug and weapon dealers by his coastal head , he agrees to work for them considering the poor livelihood of his family, as predicted he was being cheated by the dealers and whole kinds captured him and his coastal people and made them to Agathigal for money which they gonna get later ! Thereby, heroines enter and fall for Hero pity situation and bad lights he undergo , how Hero learns all the arts from them and transform as an Underworld don who gets control of entire network after the death of Sudhanshu Pandey form a rest of the Story. Ajith (David) when reforms as don shown with his slick and style appearance and dialogs, but failed to justify the character when being Agathi. He looked unselected for the refugee role no offense meant, he still has not come out of Mankatha hangover. Music was good in parts. Madhurai Ponnu and Unakule Mirugam were poorly pictured. Other three was good. BGM had no new compositions, Yuvan just re-used the old version part 1 themes here. Cinematography was Awesome. Red Epic worked to some extent but in some places it looked so contrast and dull Grey which harms some audience.. There were lots of violence scenes present and some sexually explicit content could have been avoided although it rated Adultery film. climax was not convincing and they've missed the point what makes Ajith as David Billa and less was said on it. The film is noway near to entertaining previous film in terms of content and scenes. I did not enjoy the film as i enjoyed Mankatha. Positives :- -Ajith's performance as Transforming a Don(David bill) -Songs -2nd half locations Negatives :- - Ajith as coastal man(David) was miscast -1st half was so dragging - Dialogues given to other non Tamil artists except Ajith were pretty rubbish. -mindless violence scenes and back sound -Adultery scenes in some parts were used extreme -Climax so illogical and not convincing. -Predictable Scenes towards the end. My Rating :- 3.5* for 10* My Verdict :- They should have taken sequel for BILLA. Not a engaging watch , but definitely can't enjoy it more than 30mins. Box office predictions :- Poor reports from my place and there wont be a 2nd time audience here. my advice :- Kids, Female, And Family Folks *must* give a miss for xxx contents !!


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