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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google TV launched in the UK with Sony

Google TV launched in the UK with Sony

Google TV launched in the UK with Sony

Google TV specs:

The dual-sided remote offers you complete control over both the Google TV menu and also your own set top box eliminating the need to have a remote for everything. With a built-in accelerometer it knows when you're using the touchpad or the full QWERTY keyboard on the other side.

Running a version of Android Honeycomb Google TV gives you access to dedicated TV apps such as Chrome for Google TV, YouTube and many others.

You'll also be able to access Google Play where Google have assured us that thousands of apps reside, in fact pretty much all Android apps that don't require the phone functionality will work on Google TV.

Later in the year Sony will also be launching their flagship model the NSZ-GS7 which integrates the full Google TV experience but also offers up full-3D Blu-ray functionality as well.

Google TV UK Release date:

The Sony NSZ-GP7 is available to pre-order now at around £200 with the first units expected to be on shelves around 16th July while the Blu-ray playing NSZ-GS7 won't be out until around October.


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